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Today’s offices no longer serve as spaces to simply get work done. Companies are recognizing the value of having a work environment that boosts productivity among employees, and there are multiple growing design trends to support this.

Kellie Sirna, Principal and Co-Founder of Studio 11 Design, said that her firm approaches commercial interior design in a way that creates a welcoming and comforting environment. 

“To develop a strong design narrative, it’s key to have an understanding of who will be interacting with your space, their needs, and the experience you want them to have,” said Sirna. “I’m a big believer in the power of the process and this is why we launched Brand Society, our firm’s brand identity development component.”

In 2020, Jenifer Halverson who is the Studio Director at Pacific Office Interiors hopes to see more outdoor-centric designs that encourage relaxation and boost creativity.

Mark Hirons, Design Principal at CannonDesign, expects that successful office design trends will include authentic brand immersion, support employee well-being, foster a sense of community, promote physical health and bring the outdoors inside with natural lighting and biophilic design.

For design trends that are expected to decline in the next year, Amanda Corso, Design Strategist at Infinity Group, believes that companies that misuse open office design will need to restructure it in a way that nurtures employee productivity and engagement. 

“Certain types of businesses will not work as well with this idea, while others may thrive,” said Corso. “It isn’t a type of design that will work for everyone.”

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