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How To Turn A Tiny Space Into A Productive At-Home Office

Working from home today is much more common and is not just for people who bring some work home. The only problem is that not everyone budgets space for a home office. Fortunately, with a few smart tricks, you can create a super productive and comfortable office space in even the smallest enclave.

Choose an Innovative Location

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, there are many creative places where you can build an office of your own. Sometimes you have to play around with negative space or get inventive with areas you wouldn’t normally consider. Some unique ideas include:

An unused closet or alcoveThe basement or atticA corner of a spare roomAn open space in the hallwayOr a spot in the kitchen

The most important thing to remember when choosing a place is to make sure it’s private. You don’t want distractions from the TV, the kids, your pets, or chatty neighbors. Make sure everyone understands that this is your workspace, just like any office.

5 Ideas for Arranging Furniture in Rooms Without Much Wall Space

Pick a Productive Color Palette

Some colors are more stimulating than others. You might think that neutrals, such as stark black or shades of tan, will increase your productivity but they can actually distract you or sap your energy. Instead, decorate your office with paint, wallpaper, curtains, or décor that will motivate you and keep you working.

Yellow is optimistic, but don’t go too bright. Blue is very soothing, but it also motivates your performance. White is a stable neutral, so think about using it as a backdrop. A bright shade of red will get your heart rate pumping, but don’t make it too overwhelming. Green is one of the best colors; there’s a reason that it’s supposedly the favorite color of many geniuses.

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