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Go to the top of the class

By Jennifer Birchall

Taking the work out of homework: Homework and study are often seen as a chore, but with a little thought, your child’s study area can be a great place to both find focus and enjoy.

No one likes homework. 

Kids hate homework. Parents hate homework. 

But when children start school and especially when they begin studying for their final exams, homework becomes an inevitable part of your life and your home. 

Your child will be spending a fair amount of time on homework during their schooling years, so getting them set up with the right study space is important. 

Remove distractions Teen’s are easily distracted. 

TV’s, iphones, the internet or even that book they haven’t read yet but really should get to can cause distrations from a study space. 

Keep the desk tidy and ensure the only items on and in their desk are school and study related.

Take the non-essential items out of the room and leave the desktop clear so they can focus on work. 

Get comfortable A comfy chair is key to ensuring your teen stays put. 

Some chairs may look good but they offer no support and will have your teen squirming to get out of them. 

If your teen has to continually shuffle their chair to reach what they need, this may also lead to frustration and injury. 

Choose a chair that offers ergonomic support and wheels which will ensure your child is comfortable even if they study for a few hours. 

You can find stylish office chairs that are covered in materials such as quilted linen and leather, which gives them a trendy edge. 

Keep everything close Install shelving close by so your teen doesn’t have to go far to find what they need. 

Remember – if your teen can get distracted by something on the way to finding what they need – they will. 

If the desk you choose doesn’t come with built in shelves, consider installing some above the desk or have a small bookshelf nearby. 

Light it up Lighting is an important element in a study space. 

Your teen will be working during the day but probably through the night as well.

There needs to be ample task lighting to ensure they can read without too much eye strain. 

Staying stylish While work spaces tend to be more staid that stylish, you can add personality to the space without compromising too much on functionality. 

Add a corkboard or chalkboard on the wall and encourage your teen to pin some encouraging postcards, quotes or printouts on there. 

You could even leave a little morning message there yourself, helping your child maintain their enthusiasm by knowing they have your ongoing support.

Include a potted plant to help keep the air fresh and cover a cushion with fabric matching their decor for a fun but functional addition. 

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