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10 Ways To Do More With A Customized Worksp

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz Contributor

Why settle for a regular desk when your workspace can offer so much more beauty, space efficiency and flexibility? A custom or semicustom piece can suit your space and your style to a T — and may not even be in the home office at all, but in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Check out these 10 innovative options, from console-style built-ins that can handle your computer and TV to multilevel work surfaces made to accommodate awkwardly placed windows, and slender L-shaped arrangements that can be tucked into the tiniest of spaces.

1. Keep things sleek in a studio apartment. A built-in desk can accommodate your workspace and storage needs, and a TV, too. Closed storage keeps unsightly stacks of paper hidden, and painting the cabinets the same shade as the walls helps the unit nearly disappear.

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2. Get a corner desk that doesn’t scream “office.” A built-in corner workstation with storage makes the most of space without calling too much attention to itself — something a plasticky desk from the office store could never do. Choosing a natural wood surface helps the desk feel like another piece of living room furniture.


Budget tip: Want a custom corner desk without the custom price tag? Consider building your own using basic Ikea kitchen pieces — you can choose your own countertop material, cabinet style and so on to get the perfect size for your space.

3. Build in special features. Recessed undermount lights, capacious bulletin boards, file drawers, open shelving and convenient outlets can all be part of the grand plan when you customize your desk. Make a list of every little detail you wish you had in your workspace, and refer to it when contacting a pro.

4. Change heights. Want a superlong custom desk but need to work around windows? Altering the height of your workspace to accommodate windows and other room features can help make your desk fit in without interrupting the flow. In fact, the lower areas can be ideal for kids or as spots to display favorite books and treasured objects.

5. Sneak workspace into any room. A narrow desk built into a corner means you can tuck your workspace and storage into any room in the house — like the kitchen or dining room. This may not be the ideal spot for a full-size desktop computer, but it would make a perfect perch for a laptop.

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6. Put tricky corners to work. It can be frustrating to feel you’re letting space go to waste, especially in a petite home. Tuck a slim L-shaped desk into a corner and use every inch of space you’ve got — even behind the door. If need be, you can always make the desktop along the main wall wider, and the section that wraps around the corner narrower.

7. Go multipurpose. This long, slender workspace serves as a desk, dressing table and bookshelf in one — not too shabby for a few square feet of space.

8. Maximize wall space. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are even more useful when integrated with a long desk. Why choose just one feature when you can have both? By working around the window, this desk provides a double workstation as well as ample storage and display space.

9. Bring purpose to a pass-through space. Filling a long empty wall with an extra-long desk makes the space look more complete — and much more functional. Even a hall may have room for a long desk, provided the piece is not too deep and you choose chairs or stools that you can tuck completely underneath when not in use.

10. Make a small room fit more. A stand-alone desk and separate shelving and storage wouldn’t offer nearly as much storage potential as this sleek built-in office. Proper storage space in the form of file drawers and upper cabinets keeps the room looking neat, while the warm wood finish and wallpapered accent emphasize that this is a home office.

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